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A Future Voter Considers

Finn at 10 months old
If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in government to the utmost.
- Aristotle

TAKE SHELTER, a Truly Great Film

I think Finn can wait a few years to see TAKE SHELTER. I'd rather just shelter him.
My nephew and former producing partner, Tyler Davidson, recently screened his film, TAKE SHELTER, in Cleveland. It's gotten praise and awards from all over the world, but of course I wanted to see it for myself.

I was completely stunned and moved by this great film. I could write a long review of it, but I'll make this short. If I were to blurb it this is what I'd say:

TAKE SHELTER combines a literary, lyrical, sensitive character-driven drama with a psychological thriller. The over-arching effect of it is that these shocking, scary and even apocalyptic images and scenes bring out tenderness and love for family. That is one astonishing accomplishment in today's cinema. The performances were excellent, but Michael Shannon's role as Curtis is simply one of the finest performances by an actor I've ever seen on film. Like Jimmy Stewart and Marlon Brando at their best, there is no one to compare him to in his day. He's that good, and should win an Oscar for his epic performance.  Read More