Testimonials: Writing, Consulting, Producing, Teaching & Speaking

Testimonials: Educators

"Scott is an accomplished writer and talented instructor. Beyond his long list of published works and literary accolades, I am additionally impressed with his character. He exudes kindness and helpfulness in his words and his deeds as demonstrated by his humility, openness and good cheer.
"Despite Scott’s literary accomplishments, his teaching demeanor is never boastful or egotistical, but rather, is welcoming, warm and encouraging. Scott’s nurturing, helpful instructional style is compatible with the pedagogical needs of today’s community college students. I am confident that his students will become better, stronger and more talented writers.
"As an educator, professor, dean and VPAA with years of trial-and error experience in recruiting, staffing and evaluating faculty, I can size up a potential faculty member rather quickly. As such, Scott Lax has earned my highest recommendation and my strongest support".
- Joyce A. Banjac, PhD, Vice President Academic Affairs and Student Services at Jefferson College; President of the Board of Trustees at The First Generation Foundation

• • •

Margaret Mason, Dean of Students, History Department Chairperson, University School:

"I recommend Scott Lax as a writer-in-residence. He has worked at University School in this and related capacities several times in recent years, and the results are most impressive. Boys who are already interested in writing appreciate his constructive and supportive input. Perhaps most impressive, though, is that boys who have not considered themselves writers gravitate to his charming personality and feel encouraged to try writing. Scott has a personal style that adolescents appreciate. He is genuine, without a hypocritical bone in his body. Scott takes others seriously without being condescending. People feel safe with him.

"Since writing is such a personal venture, it is critical to have a writing guide who is both a talented writer himself and one who can be trusted with feelings without prying. Our students responded very warmly to Scott's presence here, and were fortunate to have him. He certainly has my highest recommendation."

• • •

Dr. William O'Neil, Dean of Faculty, University School:

"Scott Lax is a published author who has worked with students at University School in a number of venues. The school adapted his screenplay of The Year That Trembled into a student production, and Mr. Lax was active in attending rehearsals and rewriting with the director and actors. He has been an in-house author who guest taught in courses, saw individual students for tutorials in creative writing, and served as a long term substitute for a teacher.

"Mr. Lax connects well with students. He offers encouragement and helpful insights about the structure of their work. He can see multiple drafts of a student's piece through to an accomplished product, and the student benefits from the exchange of ideas, the digressions about literature, and a sure ear for prose style. In one-time visits to a classroom Mr. Lax creates enthusiasm for literature and a respect for it as a medium of important philosophical, political, and human expression.
"I recommend Mr. Lax as an author-in-residence or as a guest speaker."

• • •

Ron Powers, Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award-winning Critic, New York Times Number One Best-Selling Author, and Author of “Mark Twain: A Life”; Nonfiction Director Emeritus, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference:

“Scott Lax is a public speaker with a singular and powerful presence, and an equally compelling vision and clarity of presentation. Scott brings a persona that is at once passionately engaged and reflectively warmhearted, leavened with humor and communicated in a clear, unpretentious and intimate speaking style. He is a speaker of high impact and distinction, an inspiring force for audiences, including the young.”

• • •

Dr. Richard A. Hawley, Author and Headmaster Emeritus of University School:

“In my thirty-five years as a teacher and, more recently, headmaster of this school, I have rarely seen a more effective visiting scholar. Extremely personable and accessible to our students, Scott has a gift of clear, unpretentious exposition. He also communicates an infectious enthusiasm for each of his students’ creativity.”

• • •

Dr. Richard J. Scaldini, President-Emeritus of Hiram College:

“Scott Lax has a gift for presenting the complexities of the artistic process in subtle but accessible terms. Where the risk is high of dashing hopes or discouraging effort, he offers the right mix of encouragement, practical advice, and realism. Scott captures marvelously both the excitement of creation and the inevitable constraints under which it occurs.”

• • •

Peter Scott, Senior Faculty in English, Hawken School

Scott Lax’s presentation was lucid, personal, engaging for both students and faculty, and engendered many very good questions from the audience. With the students he was relaxed, open, and accessible. His anecdotes about his own experiences, his writing and filmmaking, were received with sincere interest. I can say without reservation that Scott’s day at Hawken was one of the most successful I have seen in my career.

• • •

Carol Jaffee Pribble, Arts Department Chair Emeritus/​ Drama Director, University School

Scott’s talk was particularly engaging, his manner respectful and appropriate for a high school audience and interesting in both text and delivery. He allowed the discussion to go where the boys were most interested, and he listened and treated them like the intelligent young men they are and not boys whose opinions were not important. My students really liked him and he did what good speakers do—he captivated the audience.

• • •

Janice Fazio, English Teacher, University School

Scott Lax has an engaging, warm personality, and he immediately connected with our students so that they felt able to ask meaningful questions about the life and day-to-day activities

Testimonials: Students

"During the spring of 2010, I had the pleasure of taking a seminar led by Scott Lax for my personal writing development. Scott allayed this adult but neophyte writer’s anxieties by providing an accepting spirit and a guiding hand. Our group of eight ranged from high school age to retirement age with writing projects as varied as industrial history, gothic horror, Christian themes, and literary fiction. Scott’s “Find, Translate, Shape” writing method spoke to us all. With his good humor and easy manner, Scott instantly created a warm writing community among our group, but make no mistake he also gently criticized, improved, and directed. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending, no matter the stage your writing development or type of project, any writing experience that involves Scott Lax."
Associate Dean, CWRU School of Medicine
Kirtland, Ohio

"Scott Lax is a gifted teacher and writer who manages to bring knowledge and sensitivity to the critiquing process. His insights and commentary foster a nurturing environment within which noticeable creative progress can be and is achieved. The number of returning students who repeat his workshops is a testament to his skill and appeal as both an instructor and purveyor of the written word." - MICHAEL FERRARI, two-time student of Scott Lax and the author of BORN TO FLY, winner of the 2007 Delacourt Yearling Award for middle grade fiction. His novel has been critically acclaimed by Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus Review and Booklist.

"Scott Lax is an exceptional writing teacher, attributed I would say, to his varied life course. His past as a musician and businessman make him entirely accessible in real world terms. You feel a comfort and connection such that opening up about your story is all the more easy. His current post as an accomplished writer, journalist and playwright gives you that equal comfort and connection as you progress through the class and your writing. Scott has volumes of experience for any stage of writing, genre or style. This well-rounded background makes for a personable experience and warm class atmosphere where you are guaranteed to have more than a few key takeaways for your writing piece." - LAKHPREET PREETI GILL, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, July 2010

“I had just begun a second nonfiction book when I joined Scott’s writing workshop. The timing turned out to be perfect. Not only were the classes enjoyable and interesting in their own right, they proved an investment with an immediate return in terms of my new work. I found Scott to be informative, authoritative, nurturing, encouraging, and unselfish and open in his approach to teaching. I highly recommend enrolling in his classes.” - MARK C. BROWN, Ph.D. Chagrin Falls, OH, 2009

"We took this class to jump start our writing process and it was more than we could have ever asked for or expected. Over the course of the six weeks, not only did we gain confidence in our writing, we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with various writing styles as well as meet a GREAT group of people. This class is great for all writing levels, and helped us to bring out the creativity that we had inside. Scott took the time to accommodate everyone in the class and gave sincere critiques to each piece submitted . We would recommend this class to anyone with any interest in writing. We can't wait to take the next class." - JENN MONSTATA and ZOE NEMETH July 2010

Scott's workshop was just what I needed to jumpstart my writing again. He is a great teaching coach encouraging the writer to find their own unique voice. His vast knowledge if the written word is impressive and helpful to the aspiring writer. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and highly recommend it to anyone from the beginning writer on up. I learned so much from the class and look forward to taking more workshops from Scott in the future. -- MILLIE HAYMAN, Solon, July 2010

“I recently participated in my first writer’s workshop. Fortunately, it was led by Scott Lax. At first I felt anxious about sharing my work with a large group of people, but Scott put me at ease. I didn’t feel judged or criticized—something I think most of us writers fear—and I believe it’s due to Scott’s laid back demeanor and class structure. Scott is an accomplished author who makes time for those of us trying to find our way in the literary world. He is supportive, encouraging and approachable and he found something of value in every piece of writing submitted during the workshop. I left feeling respected as a writer and motivated to complete my novel. If you’re interested in learning more about your writing self and you’d like to add more implements to your ‘writer’s toolbox,’ I’d highly recommend Scott’s workshop. The experience will only enhance your writing and will change you for the better. - AMY SIMONSON, Solon, Ohio

My meeting of Scott Lax was a sheer accident, one that needed to happen. During 2007 and in my 75th year, I finally decided to learn how to write and enrolled in Wildacres, a wonderful weeklong summer workshop in North Carolina for writers who want to be authors. Scott was my instructor and he had to wrestle with ten students whose only commonalities were the English language and a wannabee desire to be published.

The sum of this excellent experience was a salient epiphany which brought me through the lifetime night of literary darkness into the light of understanding who I was, as author, and who I was not—that I was not the story, not even the subject of the story but rather the caring, nurturing, objective person who creates characters who, in their turn, actively struggle through a theme’s plotted events to resolve the conflict that afflicts them with dramatic effect. In so doing, they reveal the story told.

“SMDTM,” Scott scribbled on the blackboard. As though transformed by time into a soft drumbeat, “Show me, Woody; don’t tell me” still rumbles in my ears. Another tidy piece of advice rings as true in my mind today as a fresh shout of artistic warning: “Thou shall not use an exclamation point more than twice in an entire novel.”

Wow! That’s my witness to the Scott Lax ability to subtly inspire, which is far more than teaching a subject. Though separated by a thousand miles and three years, he continues to guide me—and I ain’t re-writing my story, neither! HENRY "WOODY" NEEDHAM, SPARTANBURG, SC 2007

Scott’s mastery of the subject and his ability to teach is rivaled only in his compassion and understanding of his student’s needs. Great class! His empathy as an instructor is a great thing. I’ve had unapproachable instructors before. I really looked forward to classes and am sorry they’re over. – DEBBIE LAMBROSE, Feb, 2009 (evaluation 33.5 out of 35)

The course was wonderful! Enjoyable, informative and motivational. I want to go back over my finished work with a new eye now. I feel that my writing has improved because of this class. I only wish that it could have been longer. – ALLISON REKER, Feb. 2009 (evaluation 35 out of 35)

Can’t wait for the next advanced fiction course! - ANDREW GARLISI, Feb. 2009 (evaluation 35 out of 35)

Scott created a very supportive environment, which allowed participants to take risks in sharing their writing. He gave specific feedback to everyone. - PAIGE PRATT (evaluation 35 out of 35)

I felt very comfortable The class exceeded my expectations. I would like to take another workshop with Scott I enjoyed this one and got a lot out of it. - ANGELA NESTOR, Feb. 2009 (evaluation 35 out of 35)

"The seminar/​class was more than I expected. Never having attempted to write before, I had no preconceived notions. The positive comments and suggestions helped give me confidence to at least try my hand at writing. The group approach was fun and informal. I hope to continue if Scott puts a sequel class together." - BILL DIESING, Feb.2009 (evaluation 35 out of 35)

"I’ve taken several writing classes in the northeast Ohio area. I found Scott’s class to be the most helpful class to improve the quality of my writing. Scott’s flawless approach makes this class unbeatable. He knows how to bring out the best in all his students. I kid you not, when I make this analogy. Having Scott on your side is like having Michael Jordon on your team. He brings out the best you have to offer. As an example, in one of the first classes he asked us, “Do you have any specific trouble areas in your writing that you would like me to address?” Even if you don’t know what weaknesses or strengths your writing possesses, Scott will find both and help to correct, improve, or acknowledge those areas. He does it in a way that inspires confidence and a hunger to put pen to paper. If you are serious about writing, take Scott’s class, you will be very glad that you did."
- MIKE KRIEGER, Streetsboro, OH

I was apprehensive. I had never attended a writing class before but I met Scott Lax at a local writer’s conference. That brief meeting encouraged me to sign up for his class. I hoped to gain insight into the world of writing, pick up a few techniques and see if my manuscripts (and I) could stand up to criticism. If he had started out at the first class to teach us just an established method of writing, an idea that was successful for another writer, I learned much more. I learned how to listen and hear the distinctiveness of other author’s voices. I learned that writing could be a business. I learned why he is so successful. Scott Lax cared about every piece of writing we submitted.
- PATRICIA A. BOHNERT, Sagamore Hills, OH

"Scott is inviting, articulate, inspirational, and supportive. His class helps you think about specific creative problems. He not only helps you with discovering your own voice, but he helps you experiment with structure and revision. His class stimulates your imagination and increases your technical know how. If you are curious about writing, or intimidated by a blank piece of paper, this class can serve as your scaffold."
LESLIE WAKE, writer and musician, author of "The Beat Goes On," an essay in the new book, "Letters to My Mother: Tributes to the Women Who Give Us Life and Love"

"I’ve taken four of Scott’s classes in fiction and nonfiction, and he’s given me a lot of help, motivation, encouragement and direction. He has a gift – he knows writing, but more importantly, he knows people: that's the gift. He made each of us feel special and unique, as well as making writing magical and real at the same time. He allowed me to be myself, whoever that is, but now I am writing!”
- BILL BUCKHOLTZ, Mayfield Village, Ohio.

"As a newcomer to the area, I was interested in trying something new and meeting people, so I took 'The World of Fiction.' Originally I was unsure of myself and my writing abilities but was quickly put at ease by Scott's very supportive and encouraging approach. Scott is the antithesis of the lofty snobbish writer. His innate creative talents are readily apparent, and he shares them willingly, yet he is very approachable. His constructive criticism is offered non-judgmentally and he is able to push his students to dig a little deeper creatively. He deftly brought us together as a group. Our last class was an incredible culmination of the six-week course. As we all read our final pieces, we were amazed and impressed with how far we had come in a very short time. Scott's gentle leadership facilitated that growth. It was a terrific opportunity for self expression and self discovery. - POLLY HANDY, Providence, R.I.

"Scott's class is the perfect format for people like myself, who have always wanted to write but haven't had the confidence. The classroom setting is casual with open discussion about the impact of each individuals work with emphasis on personal revelation. Scott's encouraging feedback spotlights your hidden strengths and nurtures your personal style so with each class your creative output is heightened. He makes it his goal to help you find your own voice. Scott's accomplishments as an author and playwright make him a rare treat to have within our reach as an instructor."

"I was very pleased with Scott Lax's class "The World of the Novel." As a lawyer, I spend a lot of time writing, but I've never considered myself a writer. I have no experience writing any sort of fiction, and am not a reader of fiction. I can't identify why the course offering in the Fairmount catalog caught my eye, but it did, and I'm glad for that.

"As a fiction novice, I found Scott to be the ideal teacher. He is very approachable, without pretense, and does a great job creating an atmosphere in which there are no dumb questions. The class revolves around a series of very attainable writing projects -- short assignments that can be done in an hour or less -- which are then shared with the class. Scott delivers praise and criticism in just the right measure, and his criticism is truly constructive, designed to help you do better the next time, and not designed to show off how great he is or how much he knows. The feedback from other students -- and the opportunity to hear and review their work -- is also a valuable part of the class. Scott fostered a sense that we were all on a shared journey, with each of us (including him) there to help the others. Scott supplements that group learning and discussion process with lecture on the craft of writing fiction, but without taking too much time on technical elements which could, in themselves, be the subject of an entire class.

"In short, I found the class very worthwhile. Perhaps most importantly, at least for me as a novice, I not only gained the sense that "I can do this, " but also a sense of 'I want to do this.'" - TODD PALMER, Bainbridge Twp., Ohio

"I didn’t know if I would benefit from Scott Lax’s 'World of the Novel' or not, having never taken a fiction-writing class before. To my surprise and delight, I found myself looking forward to each class and eager to tackle the assignments.
"Scott quickly established a rapport with the class, creating a supportive, collegial environment conducive to creative wing-walking. He offered encouragement, practical tips, and a simple but vital foundation in the essentials of quality fiction writing. I now approach my writing with a deeper insight into how to shape my own amorphous notions into resonant fiction.
"Scott’s conviction that words matter is both infectious and inspiring. I took something valuable from each class and each assignment. And it has definitely improved my fiction writing."- KIM WOOD, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

"Scott Lax's Creative Writing Workshop was inspiring and thought provoking. Not only did it encourage me to start writing regularly for the first time in years, but it also motivated me to start working towards my M.A. in Creative Writing."
- HEATHER HALL, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

"Scott Lax shares his experiences and skills in a creative writing workshop that inspires original thinking and self-expression. He knows that creative writing is less a skill that is taught, but rather, it's a vision that is shaped, crafted, and honed. With his natural conversational style, he creates a comfortable environment in which imagination flows. He shares tips, tools, and references that enlighten writers of every level and genre – from novices, such as myself—to previously published writers of all ages. He encourages dialogue that produces an imaginative environment in which ideas are exchanged freely. After attending his class, I gained the confidence that led to writing my first published feature story in Cleveland Magazine and subsequent freelance assignments. If you aspire to write professionally, or you simply want to tap into your creativity with the written word, Mr. Lax will help map your course as you navigate the world of story-telling."
- IRENE J. DOOLEY, Cleveland, Ohio

"Finding this workshop will ignite your writing life. Put yourself in my shoes: After learning the rules of fiction and brilliance of expressing what's in my heart, I am ready to take writing to another level. I look at where I was before entering Scott's workshop and where I landed. It's definitely more than worth it, no question. " - BILLY NARDI, Cleveland, Ohio

"Scott Lax is clearly devoted to the craft of writing, and this devotion shines in the classroom. Each student, regardless of previous writing experience, is treated with the utmost seriousness and respect, which is most likely the reason every member of the class can and does learn from one another. During workshop sessions, Scott use's his own experience and examples from the multitude of literary sources he brings to each class to make teaching points apropos to each and every one of his students, no matter whose piece is being showcased. I took a course with Scott just as I was beginning to contemplate taking my writing more seriously. His confidence in me, his confidence in everyone in that class, was contagious. It was his confidence in me that first gave me confidence in myself." - HALLIE BETH DURCHSLAG, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

"Scott Lax taught us to 'write for smart people.' What great advice-save words, paper and ink, cut to the bone, and make your writing even better. It's no coincidence that, in a parallel life, Scott is a drummer. Drummers hear the rhythm, create the beat and lead the music. Scott's writing, and the writing he teaches, creates a natural rhythm, a voice reflecting the music of life, of reality. Whatever your experience, you'll come out of Scott's course a better writer." - BRUCE CORSON, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

"I am so pleased I decided to participate in the Scott Lax Writing Workshop. Writing is truly an emotional and personal experience, and Scott did a remarkable job of teaching and guiding each of us as we strived to discover our unique writing voice. Whether you are a published writer or a curious novice, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about exploring the world of creative writing and editing."
- MARK DOERR, Moreland Hills, Ohio

“Kudos to Scott Lax for providing a supportive, helpful environment for beginning as well as highly accomplished writers! Scott framed all classes with focused topics, and set the tone for friendly, constructive feedback. In our workshop, we had diverse projects and voices, and Scott managed to create an open and comfortable environment for all participants. A useful, and most enjoyable experience!” - BETH RANKIN

"There wasn't a moment when I didn't want to pay attention in Scott's workshop. It was fun, and it was a class I really understood. It gave me a chance to express my creativity (I've done creative writing all my life), and I was able to hear what others thought of my writing. The class was also nice and laid back, but I also learned a lot. I'd like to take more classes like it, or even take this one again." - SHEL MARIE SMITH, South Russell, Ohio


"Scott has written critical executive speeches for think as well as high tech product video scripts. He continues to impress our clients. When your message is priority and communications are delicate, call on Scott Lax."
• • •
“Scott Lax is a visionary who knows how to make things happen. I directed the film based on his book "The Year That Trembled" and I consulted with him on all aspects of its production. I have never met anyone who was more thoughtful, gracious, flexible, supportive, and capable in his capacity as a team leader. Everyone appreciated Scott's grace and equanimity on the film shoot--and before. He handed film crew and actors with the same kindness and concern as he did the film's investors. The movie business is not for the faint of heart. Scott stood his ground, dealt with numerous thorny challenges, and kept his eye on the ball. I can't imagine a better person, with whom you'd want to be in the trenches.” September 12, 2011
• • •

“Working with Scott was a pleasure and we look forward to continuing our relationship for future writing efforts. High integrity, personable and eager to partner with us in meaningful ways.” Personable, On Time, High Integrity. August 31, 2011
• • •
"I've had the pleasure of working with Scott since 2011. Scott provides personalized business writing coaching to individuals in my organization. From personal experience and feedback from coached individuals, he has demonstrated that he is an expert on the subject matter. Furthermore, Scott is always engaging; he is professional, yet personable.

Scott's methodology is both instructional and experiential, which allows for a great deal of flexibility for coached individuals."
• • •
"For most people, it is a lifelong challenge to write both clearly and concisely. Scott has taken this to a new level...he has learned how to integrate an individual’s voice and tone into prose. For someone endeavoring to get not just “a message” out but, rather, trying to get “his message” out, Scott has mastered the ability to extract tone and perspective from the individual. The result is an excellent message that is clear, concise, and measured to the proper voice. This is a rare skill that is clearly the result of decades of writing practice combined with an equally honed ability to crawl inside another person’s world."
• • •
“Scott Lax helped me build my company into an internationally recognized expert consultant in large scale data management.

In the early years of my venture, when it was not widely known, Scott helped me develop exceptionally valuable customer relationships in the midwestern US. He always worked hard on my behalf and used his outstanding skills in communication -- oral and written -- to help me meet the people who could make a difference; to discover and create opportunities; to build and sustain customer relationships; and, to present the company capabilities and accomplishments in the way most meaningful to our customers.

In short, he helped to accomplish every type of task needed to meet our development goals in the area. Scott served as an outstanding consultant and representative of my company. His exceptional writing talent was an important part of this, but so were his passion, creativity, persistence and people skills.” May 18, 2011
• • •
"I have worked with Scott Lax on a number of speeches, all of which resulted in extremely well-received presentations on my part. Scott works hard on research and originality, and it shows. He’s detailed when he needs to be, lyrical when the words call for something special, and he’s a pleasure to collaborate with. As a writer experienced in many genres, Scott’s been able to help me articulate my voice, and he does so with respect and good humor. My subject matter is sometimes delicate and complex, a challenge that Scott seems to relish. I give Scott Lax my highest recommendation as a speech writer and presentation consultant.”