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Scott Lax Blog


Early this week I took Finn out to our little garden. It's got straw from the winter that will break up the hard clay NE Ohio soil. Finn loves everything outside, and loves working in the garden. He grabbed his little shovel... or as he calls it, "my tiny shovel," and began digging. And digging. And digging.

"Get Daddy shovel and you dig too Daddy!" he said. So I took the larger shovel and made a few dents in the soil, but mostly wanted to watch him. Here his face shows his late grandmother's determination and concentration. He looks like my mom sometimes. She loved gardening too, as does Lydia, as I do.

I'm so grateful to see the world through his eyes. The wonder of digging in the dirt. The joy at seeing birds -- jumping up and down singing out, "Fly, birdies, fly!" I catch glimpses of nature the way it really is, unfettered by adult experience, fully adored by a two-year-old little boy.  Read More