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Scott Lax Blog

Daddy's Little Tiger - CFHS 1970 and 2029

Daddy's Little Tiger (CFHS)
Here's a shout out to the Chagrin Falls High School Class of 1970, and a thank you to Jackie and the others who gave us a "Daddy's Little Tiger" onesie last summer. Finn's a tall baby, so at six and a half weeks, he's already able to wear it (it's for-one-year-olds). He'll be able to wear it for quite a while. We put this on him after his bath. Thanks, guys, and here's to the CFHS Class of 1970, and Finn's graduating class of '29. (That's 2029, folks.) Read More 

On Inspiration

Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen.
-- Willa Cather

Unless you have a baby. Then you have the most inspiring material under the sun.
-- Scott Lax

Baby You Can't Drive My Car

Out on the town.
...But baby I love you.

Portrait of The Artist as a Baby

Finn at five weeks in the world
"If you ask me what I have come to do in the world, I who am an artist, I will reply: 'I am here to live aloud.'" - Emile Zola

World Hunger & Foodie Foolishness

There are half a billion hungry children in the world. Here's my son, cuddling a blanket his Aunt Jane gave him. I am thankful he isn't one of the hungry. But there are still a half a billion too many.
I usually post articles I like to the bottom left of this blog, on my (partial) reading list. But there is a piece I strongly recommend, as I couldn't agree more with it, and have written about it, but not as well as the author of this article. It's "FED UP: Gluttony Dressed Up As Foodie-ism is Still Gluttony," by B.R. Myers, in The Atlantic Monthly. It's an excellent piece.

Along with the fetishistic American foodie culture (if you don't know what I mean just Google "food blogs" or watch Anthony Bourdain do his faux-macho routine on television program), there are nearly one billion hungry people in this world; about half of them are children.

So next time "Tony" berates food lovers for not eating a bat, or whatever some foreign cook throws his gluttonous way, consider that maybe we've gone a tad too far in the wrong direction. That the late Julia Child's honest charm, gratiousness and passion for food or Jamie Oliver's concern for children's health might be a better way to approach food than the excess the modern foodies foist on the culture.

I like food. I like wine, in moderation. I think cooking shows are terrific for many. But it's gone too far. Anyway, read this article if you can (sorry you can't click the link; you can cut and paste it): http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/03/the-moral-crusade-against-foodies/8370/ Read More 

Freedom for Egypt

Finn on his one-month birthday. (Sorry for the poor camera phone quality; you can't see the color of his ever-changing eyes)
If Finn could speak, I think he might say to the people of Egypt, "Let freedom ring - hear me roar." (That's what his outfit says, "Hear me roar.")

You have roared peacefully. We're all with you, people of Egypt. You have done this for yourselves and for your children. I applaud you; virtually all Americans applaud you. Freedom is a beautiful thing and what every man, women and child deserves.  Read More 

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers

Finn's first Super Bowl.
Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers, my second favorite team in pro football. Great team, fantastic part of America.

Finn wore the first outfit I ever bought for him, way back in the summertime, long before he was born. For my readers in other countries: brown and orange are the Cleveland Browns colors. His little outfit says, "Future Quarterback." As a protective father, I'll be happy if he plays touch or flag football. As for the Browns, I hope they reach the Super Bowl before Finn is my age. I was 12 when they won their last championship...in 1964. I was there, at Cleveland Stadium, with my dad. Read More 

Kahlil Gibran on Children (excerpt)

Finn dreaming his own thoughts at three weeks in the world
"You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you,
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth."
-- Kahlil Gibran (1883-1963)  Read More