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Scott Lax Blog


Today was a fine hint of springtime. Lydia took the boys to Frohring Meadows in Geauga County. (I'm nursing an injury and will be back hiking soon enough.)

My first novel, THE YEAR THAT TREMBLED, begins and ends in a meadow. The first chapter is called, "Meadow," and the last is called, "Meadows." I'll have news about the novel soon. That's all I can say for now, other than another generation of Lax men seems to love meadows. Read More 

Writing and Nature

I just wrote and filed a newspaper essay about walking in nature - specifically through a meadowland and woodland near where I live. I'll post it soon under the "Nonfiction" area of the "Writing and Film" link.

If you're a writer, or aspiring writer, I hope you find the time to connect to nature; to be in nature. Much of what is being written today is disconnected from the sky, the meadows, the woodlands, the animals and birds that inhabit the world. You simply can't find nature in a computer, or television. It's not in there. It's out there. Find it, and it will help you find your writerly self.

To quote the ancient African saying, as a parent holds a newborn to the starry skies, and which was depicted in Alex Haley's "Roots": "Behold, the only thing greater than yourself."

If you're writing is blocked, take a walk. Look around you and past your mind. Breathe. Behold. Read More