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Scott Lax Blog

Christmas Trees Through the Eyes of a Child

Running through the Christmas tree lot
Finn possesses everything you could imagine in his excitement for Christmas: wonder, belief, excitement, joy.
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Merry Christmas

Christmas wonder
Last week we took Finn to see Santa and real reindeer. He wanted to get in the pen with the reindeer, which would make sense; they come from the country of two of his great-grandparents, Norway. This week we took him to see our local "Holly Hall," where here he is lost in the world of the magic of a train set and its village. And so, in these difficult days, with so much heartache in the country over innocence lost, there is innocence and wonder still. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  Read More 


Finn in November, getting ready for Christmas
Finn loves Mickey Mouse, playing catch (at 101/2 months!), singing, music, and being irrepressible.