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Scott Lax Blog

Nurturing Yourself as a Writer

Finn fitting some nurture play in between sword fighting with his wood sword (made by his Uncle Marc Bobro) and pounding the drums.
Writing well is difficult. Some don't agree with that. They're wrong. (How's that for a simple declarative sentence?)

But it's true: to write well requires some nurturing -- from yourself. How do you nurture yourself as a writer? To me, there's never been a better piece of advice than Ernest Hemingway's: “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

Burn that in your mind and keep at it. Walk away from that sentence, or keep writing, it doesn't matter. But you'll know you wrote one true sentence and you can stop beating yourself up.

That is nurturing yourself as a writer. It doesn't involve treating yourself to a cup of coffee or going out to a restaurant, but it's creative nurturing. Read More 

The Drummer

The joy of drumming
I've played drums my entire life, and began playing professionally when I was 13. It's been more than a decade since I retired from playing out with bands, though now and again I sit in.

Now it's Finn's turn. He really is that fast with the sticks to create that blur. No matter if he joins the ranks of Buddy Rich (the best ever), Ringo Star (who is underrated) Uriel Jones (probably my biggest influence) and the rest of the greats (Bonham, Elvin Jones, Gene Krupa, Tony Williams, so many others), I don't care. As long as he keeps that joy of drumming as evidenced on his face in this photo.  Read More