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Scott Lax Blog

The Freelancers Union Weighs in on Writers Being Compensated

This April I wrote a blog post about protecting yourself as a writer. It seems as if I'm not alone in this concern. Below is a something from The Freelancers Union:

"The Check Is in the Mail (Ha!)
"The Wall Street Journal writes that freelancers are increasing taking on yet another gig: 'bill collector. Freelancers don’t have the same recourse regular employees do for when the boss—or client—doesn’t pay. That often puts freelancers in a bind—they 'don’t want to look like a jerk,' but they’re out big money. We're working on a few solutions to the problem, and we'd love you Tweet to help the cause."

...Me again: I don't Tweet, but I do blog, so again: remember that writing is a business, not simply an art and craft, and protect yourself accordingly. My blog on this subject is in the April archives.  Read More