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Scott Lax Blog

Finn at Five (days)

Finn waiting for his cousins to visit. (His first cousins are 35 and and first once removed is 3.)
I've been writing in between being with Finn and his mommy, as well as his loving brother and sister.

Finn is my first child, as you might guess from the title of my column, "First-Time Father at Fifty-Eight." As I've mentioned, it would be easy for me to say this experience is far beyond words; yet that, as I've told my students, is not acceptable for a writer to say. So I'll keep trying to put this experience into words, and they'll be posted again soon.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of Finn on his fifth day in the world, dressed up and awaiting a visit from his cousins. (To see an interview with Finn's cousin Tyler, click Tyler's image on my home page.) Read More 

New Column Coming for The Father Life magazine

The Father Life (click to the left) will be posting my new column about Finn's birth in the next few days.


Finn Scott Lax, moments after he was born on 1/11/11 (in Labor Delivery Room 11).
Lydia and I are beyond thrilled to announce the birth of our son, Finn Scott Lax, born 1/11/11 (in room 11 of the hospital, no less). Mother and son are doing very well; father is over the moon.

For more about Finn in the world, and me being a first-time father at fifty-eight, you can read my monthly column in THE FATHER LIFE magazine. Click to your left. I'll have a new column up soon.

May Finn live in a world that moves toward peace. Read More 

Happy New Year & First-Time Father Update

Happy New Year, everyone, and for those of you who check this blog for news of our son's birth, please check back soon. As for what reading and writing advice I have, it's this: reading and writing is still unparalleled while waiting for that which is your heart's desire.

See you in this space again, and soon...and thanks for checking.  Read More