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Scott Lax Blog

I've Resigned Writing my Column "Everyday People" for Sun News

The Sun News, for which I've written a column called "Everyday People" for a year and seven months, has restructured. My new editor wrote and said they were going to run my column every other month.

However, after some soul searching, and thinking about the state of freelance journalism in general, and Northeast Ohio in particular, I respectfully resigned the column instead of continuing to write it every other week. (It had run on the front page every week.)

I'm concentrating on fiction, teaching, and other things close to my heart and writer's soul. For all of you who read my column -- and your letters and comments tell me there were a few of you -- thank you very much for your support, and your good will. To the subjects I profiled, thank you for sharing your stories.

I've posted my last column for The Sun News on the Writing & Film link. (Click above.)  Read More