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Scott Lax Blog

"Sleeping In," My New Story in MUSE Magazine

MUSE magazine, which is published by The Lit: Cleveland's Literary Center, has just published "Sleeping In," one of my new short stories. It's a story about Thor Ungvald, an insomniac New York City trader that got fired from Lehman seven months before 9-11, and in a drunken stupor, slept in through the Twin Tower tragedies, which were occurring not far from his Chelsea loft. He ends up a high-society thief; "Sleeping In" is the story of what happens to him.

It's sort of difficult to write about my own short story. It's a New York story, but it's also about different kinds of theft that have occurred in the city and the country. Wall Street doesn't fare well in my story. Like a good deal of the short fiction I've been writing -- there have been three published so far this year -- "Sleeping In" is pretty dark, but, I hope, not without humor.

But then, I hope you read it -- you be the judge. To get it, you'd need to subscribe to MUSE magazine, or join The Lit (hit The Lit link on my home page) and let them know you'd like to get this June issue of the magazine. You can also purchase it in the Cleveland area at Joseph Beth Booksellers, Mac's Back's, Fireside Bookshop, or Visible Voice Books in Tremont in Ohio City in Cleveland. (Tremont's the setting of another of my stories, "The Crack," which is available in print and online. Click the log for "The Independent" to read that one.)

I'm not very good at hyping my fiction. I'd rather you read it and see for yourself.  Read More