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Scott Lax Blog

Remembering Henry Gibson

The great actor Henry Gibson died a couple of days ago. I worked with him on THE YEAR THAT TREMBLED. Henry was funny, gracious, kind and extraordinarily talented.

On my late mom's birthday, Henry gave her a giant silk flower, the kind he used on "Laugh In." He presented it to her, then he, Martin Mull, Fred Willard, and a few family members sang Happy Birthday to Mom by the Chagrin falls. It was a joyful moment.

On days off of filming, Henry would go to antique shops around Cleveland to buy gifts. He gave me an old plate. Both Mom's giant five-foot flower, and the plate, are in my office.

I once drove Martin Mull, Fred Willard, and Henry back to their hotel. Never have I laughed so hard behind the wheel of a car. Those three were firing one-liners at each other, and Henry... well, he kept up with Fred and Martin - no small task. (I tried a few lines and dropped out...it was like trying to play on a pro football team; I caught one or two out of luck, then got crushed.)

What a gentle soul he was, too, and yet, how deeply he could delve into the human condition, to play everything from wise men to fools; from a befuddled judge on "Boston Legal" to a stern school board president and lawyer in THE YEAR THAT TREMBLED. And so much more.

Henry wrote a note to me in my book, which I asked all the actors to sign. He wrote, "For Scott - Life begets life. Your friend, Henry." He truly lived, and loved, and created.

My sincerest sympathy goes out to his family. We have all lost a giant of the acting world, and most of all, a wonderful man. May he rest in peace. Read More