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Scott Lax Blog

On Burning Books

The controversy over the (now cancelled) Qur'an burning was yet another unfortunate and backward incident in the sad history of American anti-intellectualism and fear-mongering.

Book burning is never good. It's a sign of intellectual weakness and moral fear. I'm glad it was cancelled, but disgusted that it was ever considered. Hitler and his ilk burned books, which is simply one step beyond banning them. Banning books still goes on throughout America to this day.

For anyone who ever considered burning a book, I suggest reading it instead. Or giving it away.

Don't these book burners get it? This is what radical fundamentalists want: attention. What do they think terrorism is? It's not only about killing; it's about getting attention from the survivors. Moderate Christians and Muslims get it. So do all who follow a path of tolerance and moderation.

Speaking of religion, Happy New Year -- Rosh Hashanah -- to Jews world-wide. May this year bring us peace in the world. May all people live in harmony.  Read More