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Scott Lax Blog

Writing and Nature

I just wrote and filed a newspaper essay about walking in nature - specifically through a meadowland and woodland near where I live. I'll post it soon under the "Nonfiction" area of the "Writing and Film" link.

If you're a writer, or aspiring writer, I hope you find the time to connect to nature; to be in nature. Much of what is being written today is disconnected from the sky, the meadows, the woodlands, the animals and birds that inhabit the world. You simply can't find nature in a computer, or television. It's not in there. It's out there. Find it, and it will help you find your writerly self.

To quote the ancient African saying, as a parent holds a newborn to the starry skies, and which was depicted in Alex Haley's "Roots": "Behold, the only thing greater than yourself."

If you're writing is blocked, take a walk. Look around you and past your mind. Breathe. Behold. Read More