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Author photo by Lynn Ischay

About Scott


Scott Lax is a lecturer in Creative Writing at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where he has taught since January 2016. He is an award-winning essayist, fiction writer, playwright, and filmmaker. Scott holds a B.A. in English from Hiram College, studied Shakespeare at the University of Cambridge, and is a recipient of the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference Bernard J. O'Keefe Scholarship in Nonfiction and the Sewanee Writers Conference Walter E. Dakin Fellowship in Fiction. Scott is a frequent guest speaker at libraries and schools, and sometimes leads continuing education workshops for nonprofit organizations such as Literary Cleveland


His first novel, The Year That Trembled (Paul S. Eriksson, 1st edition, hardcover; Gray & Co., 2nd edition softcover), a Vietnam-era home-front war novel, was called one of the 1998's "milestones in fiction" by book editor Tom Walker of the Denver Post, who wrote, "A powerful coming of age story… Lax captures the mood of the era and tells a strong tale of love, brotherly and otherwise."


Scott then produced the 2002 feature film adaptation of his novel, about which April Greene of the Boston Herald wrote, "Memorable... beautifully reflects the depth of experience of the late 60's and early 70's... a touching glimpse into the lives of young people enmeshed in the political and emotional climate of the times." Scott was awarded four first-place film festival awards for his role as producer for the film.


In 2003, the year after the movie premiered, Scott wrote the adaptation of The Year That Trembled as a 2-act stage play that premiered at University School to record audiences and much acclaim; it was produced again at U.S. in 2013.


Recently, Scott completed the screenplay adaptation of his second novel, the psychological thriller Vengeance Follows (Gray & Co.), about which 2005 Pulitzer Prize nominee and author of The Sparrow, Mary Doria Russell said, "Lyrical and stark by turns, Vengeance Follows is as spare as a Hemingway story and as creepy as one by Poe."


A former professional drummer, Scott played with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bo Diddley, among others. He lives in the Chagrin Valley in Ohio with his wife Lydia and 10-year-old son Finn. – March 2021

Awards & Recognition


Oct. 6, 2016 - Inducted into the Chagrin Falls High School Achievement Hall of Fame

2002 - City of Cleveland Certificate of Congratulations for body of work.

1999 - Named to fourteen-person list of Hiram College’s “Most Illustrious Alumni"

February 14, 2010 - Scott Lax's short story, "Sales Call," won 2nd Place for MUSE Magazine's 2010 Literary Competition.

1999 - The Year That Trembled, a Novel named Vermont Book of the Year, Runner-Up.

Dec. 1998 - The Year That Trembled, a Novel, named of of 1998’s “Milestones in Fiction by Denver Post.

1998 - Sewanee Writers’ Conference (Univ. of the South), Walter E. Dakin Fellowship in Fiction

March, 2011 - In the Ohio Professional Writers 2011 Communications Contest, Scott Lax won First Place for Writing for the Web, Columns or Commentary

May 22, 2010 - In the Ohio Professional Writers 2010 Communications Contest, Scott Lax won Second Place for "Original Columns, General."

May 16, 2009 - In the Ohio Professional Writers 2009 Communication Contest, Scott Lax was awarded:

1. First Place for "Original Columns, General"

2. First Place for "Feature Story, Magazine"

3. Second Place for "Special Series, Print Media."

June 2008: Ohio Excellence in Journalism Award, statewide competition, sponsored by The Cleveland Press Club, Honorable Mention, Best Single Essay, Open Print

1993 - Bread Loaf Writer’ Conference (Middlebury College), Bernard J. O’Keefe Scholarship in Nonfiction

1994, 1995 - Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference, Staff Scholarship

2002 - Midwest Filmmaker of the Year, Cleveland International Film Festival

2002 - Producer’s Award, Winner, People’s Choice, Cincinnati International Film Festival

2002 - Producer’s Award, Winner, Best Regional Feature, Cincinnati International Film Festival

2002 - Bessie’s People’s Choice Award, Burlington, VT City Arts, Favorite Film

2010 - The Hub City Writers' Workshop of South Carolina awards the second annual Scott Lax Prize in Writing to Bertrice Robinson. The Scott Lax Prize is a full-ride, one-week scholarship to the Wild Acres Writers Workshop in North Carolina. This award was established in 2008 by Hillcrest Publications of Spartanburg, S.C., "in recognition of novelist Scott Lax of Ohio."